Z3 Way Out Yonder Drive to the Texas World Speedway

July 23, 2000


          The Way Out Yonder Drive to the Texas World Speedway was the first official event organized by the Houston Z3 Owners Group.   A total of 15 cars made the trip.  We were joined by a few M3s and an S2000!  Our caravan made its way through some of the "twistiest and turningest" roads through this part of the state on our way to watch some BMW Club racing at Texas World Speedway in College Station.  The Z3s were even allowed on the track for a "parade lap".  On the way home, we stopped at a country German restaurant for bratwurst and weisen.  All in all it was a great way to spend a Sunday.  A fun drive, great cars, nice people, and good food!  What else could you ask for?!  Click on the photo thumbnails below to see some of the fun.


     Early Morning Gathering      C'mon light, let's go!      How do you get 15 little Z3's in a mini-mart parking lot?!

        Porsche Club ready to hit the track!!      They really ARE going fast!   

       Ok, so there's plenty of room to park!   So THIS is what it feels like!....Z3's take their parade lap on the TWS. 

       TIme to stop for some fine German Weizen and Bratwurst on the way home!      Bill and Pam lead the way home along some fantastic East Texas country roads. 



      The Houston Z3 Owners Group