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TECH-TIP #1:  Cleaning up rusted hubs

While helping Ben Peak install his new 17" wheels we encountered a small problem. The wheels were stuck to the hubs! After some head scratching we utilized two linear force amplifiers, and rubber mallet and a foot, to get them loose. We found that electrolysis, a combination of rust (the hub) and corrosion (the wheel) causing the problem. BMW uses centric hub. That is the hub has a conical ring that aids in centering the wheel. Not being able to get your wheel off the hub might not sound so bad while sitting in the driveway. But imagine 610 just north of Westheimer at 5 pm in the rain, not much fun now is it.

In the picture above this ring is covered in rust.


Well this rust just has to go. Using a 3/8 drill and a wire brush attachment this is easy.


This is an after picture.

For the preventative maintenance, I used a very thin application of wheel bearing grease. You could also use some BMW brake pad paste part number 81 22 9 407 103. The key here is a very thin coating of the grease, just enough to protect, but not enough to get all over the brakes (very bad thing).

Now just reinstall the wheels, and you are good to go.



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