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TECH-TIP #3:  Difficult Door Problem

          A couple of months ago my interior door handle began to require more pressure to open the door. I had this checked out when I was at the dealership for some routine maintenance. Diagnosis was a new door latch, $186. I decided to just leave it alone until it broke completely, which it never did. Just in this past month the outside handle started to fail to open the door, very inconvenient. I discovered that if I pushed down on the very back of the door it would open easily. Thinking that there was something out of adjustment, I called my local friendly service writer. He cheerfully said,”use some WD40 on the door latch”. Ok! With nothing to loose and several cans of WD40 lying about, I went about spraying the latch.





          I sprayed the latch, and then opened and closed the door several times.  You know the door handles; both interior and exterior, have never been easier to operate.  I'm glad I didn't take the opportunity to spend the $186 on the first go around!




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