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TECH-TIP #4:  Jack Pad Maintenance

Question:  What is this square thing?  


  Answer:  Well the square thing is the jack pad that you put the jack in when you have a flat tire.

Ok, I wonder what goes in here?


Guess what?  Youíre right, the jack pad goes in here.

      Z3ís have a problem in that the jack pads have been known to fall off.  If you use the pads often, like changing to autocross tires, or putting the Z on Jack stands for repairs the pads become loose and will fall off. When I got my Z it was missing two and at $16 each I didnít need much inducement to figure a way to keep them on the car.

     First step is to clean the pad and mounting location. I used a 50/50 mixture Simple Green and water, disposable blue shop towels, and a scrub brush.

     Next I applied a bead of Black RTV silicone sealant around the pad.


     Then simply push the pad back into the chassis. So far (fingers crossed) I havenít lost anymore.




     The following three pictures show the jack pads and jack stands holding the Z up for cleaning for the Concours at Uptown Park.





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