Saturday Sprint
Sunday Enduro


Photos from all 3 Days



Judging from the big grins on the BMW CCA drivers' faces, it is safe to say everyone had a great time. Thanks to Robert Buttweiler and Carl Irving for all the work they did. Thanks also to the Lone Star Region of the Porsche Car Club of America for letting us come out and play with them and for giving me access so I can get some of these shots.

And a big thanks to Mike Perkins/Bavarian Machine Specialties for the sponsorship and for helping our drivers at the track. And we can't forget Intercontinenal BMW for letting us use an M Coupe for the weekend.

By the way, the photos I have uploaded include photos of practice events, races and parade laps. So, if you are wondering why Tomme Eng is out there without a helmet and with someone in the left seat taking photos while he is racing, well, he is not racing - it is only a parade lap (speeds kept low and no passing).

At some point I would like to include some text with the photos but that will have to come later (hopefully).

If you were racing and do not see yourself in any of these pictures, please send me e-mail - these are only a fraction of the photos I took over the three day event.

See you at the next race - hopefully, I will have a race car, too.

-James Salazar