Love BMW X vehicles? The BMW CCA is in the early stages of forming a non-geographic X Chapter just for you! 250 signatures are needed to move the petition for the charter forward to a National Board vote. The X Chapter of the BMW CCA will be open to all members. Whether you own an X vehicle or simply have an interest in one, this will allow X enthusiasts to share their mutual interests and organize events.

X Chapter Mission:

  • Bring together BMW SAV and SAC enthusiasts
  • Promote X awareness with events and fellowship
  • Assist local X enthusiast groups by promoting events and providing insurance
  • Provide a centralized location to find events and information for X enthusiasts

This chapter, when officially launched, can be your primary or secondary chapter and will offer all the same benefits as your local geographic chapter. Additional chapters are only $15.30 per year, and you can have as many additional chapters as you like.