Group Photo at the Salt Lick

1998 Hill Country Drive
By James Salazar

Our Hill Country Drive went off without too many problems despite some flooding in the area the week before. Actually, we had a few people who cancelled at the last minute because of this bad weather. Even so, we still had about 20 cars show up for the drive. And the cars: we had everything from 02s (four of them) to souped up 3 series, M3s, Z3s and an 840 – a very good mix. And how was our weather? Let’s just say our members driving the convertibles enjoyed the ride the most.

Our pace was meant to be kept leisurely so everyone could enjoy the scenery (thanks to my wanting to go high tech with my 02, my pace was even more so). But I did notice a certain lady pressing her husband to get to Fredericksburg so she could do some shopping (I won’t mention any names!).

This event started off as being a Houston chapter event after I took a drive through the Hill Country earlier this year. But it really was a joint effort: I received a considerable amount of help from the Tejas chapter from planning the route to having the locals check the road conditions after the floods to leading the group part of the way (thanks Herb!). The turn out of Houston vs. Tejas members was about equal. All this tells me that we really need to start doing more events with our neighboring chapters (including the Cajun Chapter in Louisiana).

Thanks to all that came out and to all those that helped – we hope to see you again next year! And to those of you that are still undecided: you really should join us!

Thanks to the following businesses: The Salt Lick in Dripping Springs for hosting our lunch. Ausländer in Fredericksburg for hosting our dinner. I would also like to thank Ace in the Hills for the invitation for coffee and for putting up the welcome sign in Dripping Springs.


Group at Salt Lick

Gruene Hall

Morse at the Salt Lick

Lino and Company

At Auslander