Fly In/Drive In to the Texas Flight Museum
Scholes Field, Galveston
May 15, 1999
B-17 in Flight BMWs and B-17
BMWs and B-17 - with drivers
Even though I look like I am having a great time as I pose with my dad inside the B-17 (photo top left), I was worried about where the rest of the group was. It was showtime and no one else was around. After a few minutes, Landon Anderson flew in but that was it. Later I decided to go up front and found a big group just waiting. My first reaction: "What are you guys doing up here, the airplanes are inside and on the flight line?!"

But we did have a great turn out. The cars pictured here are just some of the cars that showed up - I think some of the other cars were not photographed in front of the B-17 only because their drivers were busy looking at airplanes.

Thanks to again to Val and Dan for arranging this for us - we really had a great time. Oh, and thanks to Geoffrey for the tour and to Speedy for his help.

Stay tuned for our next BMW/airplane event: fun drive to a gliderport for a picnic and some soaring. If you’re interested, let me know.