Wine and Roses Fun Rally

Dan & Valerie Baker


It started something like this……

"Was that the answer on that sign back there?"
"How the heck would I know, you went screaming by it so fast I couldn’t read it!"
"Hey, you’re the navigator, you have to learn to read faster."
"If you’d keep it under a 100, maybe I could!"
"Are you nuts! The guy on the roller blades is even trying to pass me!!"
"In case you forgot, this isn’t a race…it’s a TOUR! You know…a leisurely drive in the country with nice scenery and some fun questions thrown in along the way?"
"WOW, there’s almost no tire squeal at all with these new Dunlop’s is there honey? Honey…?
Honey, you should be using that hand to write down some answers."
"Well congratulations Mr. Speed Racer, we’re at the stop sign already and still have 3 questions we didn’t answer….turn around and this time DRIVE SLOWER!"
"Yes dear…"

Valerie and I LOVE tours and fun rallies like this one! It gives us a chance to have some very deep and meaningful conversations. They say the secret to a successful marriage is communication and considering the amount of communicating we do on these tours, I would say we have nothing to worry about!

This year’s Wine and Roses Tour, hosted by Kathy and Tony Lee was, in a word, fabulous! We all met on Saturday Morning, April 17th in the Whataburger parking lot at 290 and Jones Road. There was just a slight chill in the air, enough to make a couple of Z3 drivers put the heat on but all in all it would have been tough to beat the weather. We all collected our route instructions and Kathy started everyone off in 2-minute intervals in order to avoid having everybody get all bunched up right from the start. Once we made our way onto the back roads it didn’t really matter because we had people driving in every direction trying to find the answers to the questions that Tony and Kathy had concocted! At times, it was hard to tell who was coming and who was going!

Our final destination for the tour was the Messina-Hof Winery and if you weren’t able to join us for the tour, you missed some of the best back roads around! Beautiful scenery, twisty roads, no traffic and a great group of friendly people! Heck, there were even prizes given out to the people that had managed to scrape together the most answers to the rally questions. The top prize was an Inspection 2 at the Texas-German Autohaus donated by Hans Richter! I can assure you, I’ll put the inspection to good use! You see, even with me driving too fast and her reading too slow, we still managed to win (though I’m not sure how).

Many thanks to Hans from TGA for the generous donation and a very special thanks to Kathy and Tony Lee for all their hard work in putting this event together, it was fantastic. But I still think the volunteer fire department sign was painted over…

About this photo: As we pulled along side the Z3, I tapped the breaks to get in position just as my navigator hit the shutter. But before we could get a better shot, Justin accelerated hard and we had to tuck in behind them. We noticed they were cheering and I realized then that they thought we were racing!
-James Salazar