Fun Rally thru the Woods
The Woodlands to Plantersville
August 28, 1999
Despite some rain earlier in the morning in the Woodlands area, our fun rally still went off. Our turn out was a little lower than I had expect but I think this may have been related to the rain. Even though it rained in the area, the roads were dry.

One of the interesting things about this rally was the popularity of silver cars (I will not get into the correct name for the color): three quarters of the cars had the same color!

As you can tell by the photos, the rally did require some people to make u-turns and to get of the car to look up information. No one got a perfect score but Jorge (pictured in one of the pictures walking back to his car after reading a landmark) and Dorene (pictured getting out of her car to look for answers) Velasquez came the closest, failing to answer only one of the rally questions. Jorge and Dorene were rewarded for the efforts with a gift certificate to the Urban Retreat (I am sure Dorene will be the one taking advantage of the gift certificate).

We had several men ask why we did not give prizes geared more towards men and my answer was simple: the treat for the men was the enjoyment of driving some great roads (since I knew the majority of the men would prefer to drive) and I wanted something to hopefully get the women really involved and keep them coming back. But, in the case of CP and Jennifer Cheng (pictured in the red ti) , Jennifer was the one enjoying the roads and I wondered if she really cared about winning the Urban Retreat prize since she seemed to be enjoying the drive a great deal: after snapping their picture I continued my drive to the Relay Station at speeds sometimes approaching 85-90mph. Much to my surprise, Jennifer was right behind me thru all the twists and turns all the way to Anderson. I was not surprised that she was able to keep up with me but that she was driving so fast considering she was supposed to be looking for answers to the rally questions!

I was pleased to see some first timers and I hope they ejoyed themselves enough to want to return. And for the ladies, yes I will be thinking of more prizes to try to get you to come out and join us. And, for those of you with kids, we'll try to come up with ways to get the little ones involved but I may need some help in this department (send your ideas).

Thanks to Ed Fens for letting us recycle his route map. For those of you that missed this great run thru the Montgomery Trace, I will be publishing the route in the future (feel free to bug me if I forget).