Oktoberfest 2016

Following Legends and the Festorics, our 46th annual BMW CCA Oktoberfest, presented by Michelin, is set to take place August 23–28.O’Fest is a week-long celebration of our favorite marque, with exciting social and driving events planned around the Monterey Peninsula. Our host hotel for the week is the Hyatt Monterey, and the track—of course!—is the thrilling Laguna Seca Raceway. Get ready to drop into the famed Corkscrew at Laguna, and enjoy the capstone event of the Celebrate BMW festival! Please note that our hotel room blocks are selling out very quickly. Information regarding OKtoberfest make be found at ofest.bmwcca.org

Watch this space for more details as they become available. The road trips to Ofest are the stuff of legend! To keep in touch with the latest plans for this year’s trip, drop an email to Valerie Baker at roadmonkeys@houston-bmwcca.com.

Tire Rack Street Survival

Back by Popular Demand — Teen Street Survival on October 15th! You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars teaching your kids to play music and sports. Why not invest just $75 and 1 day to teach them driving skills that will keep them alive to enjoy all those other events and activities that life has to offer. Not your typical Drivers Ed, Street Survival will teach your young drivers what to do when bad stuff happens out on the road so they don’t panic but instead maintain or regain control of the car. It’s a very small investment for such a huge potential return. Contact Ken Finley at streetsurvivalregistration@houston-bmwcca.com or go to the website at www.streetsurvival.org. Only 30 spaces available so check those calendars and sign up early. Click on the image for a link to the registration web site. Click on the video below for an example of what to expect.

Note: due to the tremendous word-of-mouth promotion this event enjoys, the student roster is full. Contact Ken Finley at the email address above to be placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted if a space becomes available.

As always, volunteers are vital to making this event a success. We need people to help reset downed cones, direct traffic, setup lunch, take water to the students, instructors and volunteers, and much more. To volunteer, contact Jim Iden at streetsurvivalvolunteers@houston-bmwcca.com. Qualified instructors are also needed. To volunteer as an instructor, contact Walter Phillips at streetsurvivalinstructors@houston-bmwcca.com.

Club Merchandise

We now have club logo merchandise available for purchase!  Caps and a wide variety of shirt styles in both men’s and women’s sizes are available. Click on the image to visit the web site for more information.

BMW News

A BMW M3 With HRE Classic 501 Wheels Installed 13
Going old school is the norm these days. We've seen it in fashion, architecture and now, in cars; from the advent of the BMW M2 which unmistakably sources design and performance cues from the BMW 2002ti, all the way to aftermarket companies producing parts for the newest high-performance BMW models. [...]
Sat, Jul 30, 2016
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The BMW 507 is one of the most beautiful roadsters ever made. It's also one of the most tragic, as it never sold well and almost bankrupt BMW. But it's tragedy only increases its beauty and allure and, along with its rarity, makes it one of the most valuable BMWs [...]
Fri, Jul 29, 2016
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After their BMW X6 M Typhoon, the German tuning specialists at G-Power are giving their X6 M model the same power output – a whooping 750 horsepower. G-Power BMW X5 M Typhoon package includes a power kit based on the revised S63 4.4 liter TwinTurbo V8 engine. The power kit [...]
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Ahh, front-wheel drive-based crossovers, seemingly the most popular automotive segment in the world right now. It really doesn't matter which country you live in, you're likely to see more small crossovers than any other type of vehicle on the road. While this causes much frustration among car enthusiasts, who have [...]
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Over the last few weeks, we've spent time driving a series of cars – from a BMW M4 Competition Package to a Porsche Cayman GT4 and even a Tesla Model S – while wearing our new ZEISS DriveSafe lenses. When ZEISS offered us the lenses, we didn't know what to [...]
Fri, Jul 29, 2016
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