Karting Trip

Anyone interested in a Club Kart Night?

Track 21 is the best indoor Kart track in Houston. The carts are gas powered (NO DSC) and the track surface is smooth. Drifting is definitely possible. As a club we get a 25% discount ($13.50 per race, as many as we want). If we go on a Monday, or Wednesday evening then we can drive the combined course (over a quarter mile long). I need to find out how many of us would be interested in order to get the best deal from the Manager.

This event is tentatively scheduled for September 14th. Bring your helmet and your smack talk!

Contact Blake LaGrone

Car Show


Please join us and share your treasured car, truck, or motorcycle with the Katy Community!

Saturday, Sept 17th, 2016

Mark your calendar and plan on joining us for our 9th annual current car (and motorocycle) show… Delicious on-site food trucks will be here again, including the very popular snow cone truck… plus your choice of grass or lot parking.

Supporting Our Community!! Check out the flyer (attached)

Please contact Brian Perilloux at 832-477-0868 with any questions.

Note: While not a BMW CCA event, we believe this will be something our members would be interested in checking out.

Tire Rack Street Survival

Back by Popular Demand — Teen Street Survival on October 15th! You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars teaching your kids to play music and sports. Why not invest just $75 and 1 day to teach them driving skills that will keep them alive to enjoy all those other events and activities that life has to offer. Not your typical Drivers Ed, Street Survival will teach your young drivers what to do when bad stuff happens out on the road so they don’t panic but instead maintain or regain control of the car. It’s a very small investment for such a huge potential return. Contact Ken Finley at streetsurvivalregistration@houston-bmwcca.com or go to the website at www.streetsurvival.org. Only 30 spaces available so check those calendars and sign up early. Click on the image for a link to the registration web site. Click on the video below for an example of what to expect.

Note: due to the tremendous word-of-mouth promotion this event enjoys, the student roster is nearly full; there are only four spaces left. Once the roster is full, we will begin waitlisting students in case space becomes available. Don’t delay – register now!

As always, volunteers are vital to making this event a success. We need people to help reset downed cones, direct traffic, setup lunch, take water to the students, instructors and volunteers, and much more. To volunteer, contact Jim Iden at streetsurvivalvolunteers@houston-bmwcca.com. Qualified instructors are also needed. To volunteer as an instructor, contact Walter Phillips at streetsurvivalinstructors@houston-bmwcca.com.

Texas Trifecta Fall 2016

The Houston, Lone Star and Tejas Chapters of the BMW CCA are proud to announce the second 2016 Texas Trifecta at Circuit of the Americas. The next event at this premier venue will be held November 11-13, 2016.

Note that unlike the June Trifecta, no autocross will be held in association with this event.

Registration for this event is expected to open at the end of August. Watch this space for further details as they become available.

Club Merchandise

We now have club logo merchandise available for purchase!  Caps and a wide variety of shirt styles in both men’s and women’s sizes are available. Click on the image to visit the web site for more information.

BMW News

BMW Motorrad's successes at the legendary Isle of Man are numerous. However, one particularly significant win is being commemorated. That is, the 1976 win of the Production 1000cc class, achieved by Helmut Dähne and his now deceased teammate, Otto Butenuth. Many decades later, today, Dähne is being reunited with the [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Source: BMW Blog
If you've seen any of Nick Murray's YouTube car reviews before, you'd know that he's a pretty happy BMW M4 owner. Well, at least was a happy M4 owner, as he's selling and moving on to a Porsche 911. However, he still owns his M4 at the moment and is [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Source: BMW Blog
Another beauty on the Pebble Beach lawn was a 1960 BMW 3200 S Cabriolet Sedan. Built on the BMW 502 chassis by the Darmstadt-based coachbuilder Autenrieth, the 3200 S is the only BMW to this date carrying the “cabriolet sedan” badge name. Designed by Albrecht von Goertz as a luxury [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Source: BMW Blog
Unfortunately for the Bavarians, the new BMW 7 Series hasn't panned out exactly as they had hoped. While the new G11 7 Series is by far and away better than its predecessor, and actually getting good reviews, it simply cannot compete with the Mercedes-Benz S Class, in terms of sales. [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Source: BMW Blog
BMW's image today – that of an automaker that builds sports cars, premium cars, technical and very innovative – goes back in time until 1930, when cars like BMW 328 Roadster came to life. The 328 Roadster raced in Mille Miglia and it was a very innovative car with respect [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Source: BMW Blog