Model Mods Total Class
0 0 0 A
Year Model

The autocross committee of the Houston BMW CCA has decided to reformat BMW model classes into a more equitable system. The new classification system has been adapted from those in use by other BMW CCA chapters around the country. This new classification system is based upon (1) the inherent performance characteristics of individual BMW models and (2) the modifications you have performed on your Bimmer. If you are not driving a BMW simply choose the correct class from the table below.

The system assigns a combined point value for both your BMW model and its subsequent modifications. We have designated seven (7) final classes. If you are driving a Bimmer you may use the following form to calculate your class. Start by clicking on the year of your car from the “Year” list. The model list will then display all of the models available for that year. Clicking on your model will display its base points and class. As you click on the boxes next to each modification, the points total and class will update automatically. Don’t forget to indicate if you are running with “R” compound tires (autocross tires or race tires such as Kuhmo Victoracers or Hoosiers). 10 points will be added for “R” compound tires for cars who start in Class A. All other cars will be “bumped” to the next higher class for “R” compound tires. After you have selected your model and checked your modifications, the class in which you should compete will be indicated in the Class column.

BMW Classes (use form above)
Class Points
G 80 and up
F 70 to 79
E 60 to 69
D 50 to 59
C 40 to 49
B 25 to 39
A 0 to 24
Non-BMW Classes
Class Car
X1 Vehicles prepared for competition (including use of R Comps and non-DOT approved racing tires)
X2 Vehicles with 10 or more cylinders or ANY super/turbo-charged vehicle
X3 Vehicles with 5, 6 or 8 cylinders and rotary engines and are not super/turbo-charged
X4 Vehicles with 4 or less cylinders and are not super/turbo-charged
X5 Vehicles that are front-wheel drive, unlimited displacement and induction type