Sealy Spin Drive


May 20, 2023
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


In eons past a whippersnapper who lived yonder in the back woody forests outside of Sealy, Texas had an idea.  Why don’t we pull together them little bmw automobiles and give them a taste of the twisty roads in in the Sealy wilderness.  And so it was.  The whippersnapper was the name of Spencer, so we called it Spencer’s Sealy Spin.  It was the first year of the new milleniium and folks were still in a little shell shock that planet Earth was still alive and well.  So, we did our little drive and it was good.

Then we did it again, and again and again.  And the years went on by.  The drive was handed over to another whippersnapper and fellow Sealy resident, one that goes by the name of Doug.  So, we did it again and again.  Now feels like some 25 years have about gone by and here we go again.  Doug has volunteered to lead us through the wilderness and twisties of Sealy.

This year’s Sealy Spin will be run as a combo event with the Houston Space City Z’s group, local chapter of the ZSCCA. Those are the crazy little BMW’s that don’t have a top and only have two seats. So get out your little bmw roadsters, sedans, coupes, or whatever you’ve got handy and come and join us for the Sealy Spin 2023!

We’ll meet up at Prasek’s Smokehouse and Exxon gas station @ 2949 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd in Sealy, Texas.  Time of meeting will be 9:00am.  But just go ahead and reserve the date.  You’ll be glad you did!

The drive will conclude with lunch at the Round Top Smokehouse.



Scott Griffiths


Registration is closed for this event.

Who's going:

  • Dan & Valerie Baker
  • David Meaux
  • Monica Ciuffarin
  • Joel Ibarra
  • Justin Tyson
  • jjohn093@yahoo.com
  • Jason John
  • Sinem Guzel
  • Ann and David Wallace
  • Ashlee ROYSTER
  • tom@tomgrassrealty.com
  • Doug and Veronica Meinen
  • Spencer “Spin” Cubage
  • Jay and Ash Musgrave
  • Albert Ball
  • Ed Solymosy Jr
  • Jasmit Tarang
  • Steven Borsos
  • Neal, Craig Neal
  • Jim Iden & LaRita Godbey
  • Marco Cordon III and Veronica Cordon
  • Ken & Vikki
  • prelliott1@gmail.com
  • mcolby@resoluteind.com
  • Stokes's
Total # of people attending: 41